Sunday, 14 July 2013

Another First Date

I had another first date the other night. I have to say, I didn't have high hopes. There was nothing off-putting about his profile, but nothing that really pulled me in either. But he messaged me, and was keen to meet up, so I thought I might as well. Some people come across much better in person than online, and I reasoned that the worst that could happen if we met up is that I'd have a terrible date to write about on here.

As it turned out, I had a really good time. We met up and went to the South Bank, had a few drinks (how expensive is Pimm's, by the way?!) and went for a lovely meal. We had lots to talk about, covering subjects from climbing mountains (he was a bit put out that he couldn't impress me with his mountaineering, given that my ex climbed Everest...) to geeky board games to sex before marriage to whether drugs should be legalised.

I really enjoyed the evening, and his company. However, there was absolutely no attraction there, on my part at least. No spark at all. I think, if we lived closer together rather than on opposite sides of a rather large city, we could be good friends, but there's no chance of any romance. He hasn't contacted me since we met, so I'm presuming he felt the same way. Or, at least, I'm hoping he felt the same way, because I don't want the awkwardness of having to tell him I'm not interested...

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