Monday, 1 July 2013

Why are Guys so Confusing?

I had a date! Yay! And it went really well. We chatted for hours, until almost the last tube home, and there was lots of flirting. Lots of hints about seeing each other again. And it ended with a peck on the lips. Hurrah!

Now comes the horrible bit though. In my limited experience, I can say that for me this bit is always horrible. You meet a guy for a first date. And it goes well. And he's lovely (and, in this case, absolutely gorgeous). And you'd really like to see him again. But really you don't know if he wants to see you again. So you wait, maybe exchange a few texts, until one of you plucks up the courage to ask for a second date. Well, that's how it normally goes anyway.

Except for in this case things seem to be going a little bit more weirdly than that.

He texted me the morning after to check I'd got home OK. Definite points to him there! And we had a brief conversation. Then the next morning I took the plunge and asked whether he wants to meet up this week. He said how about today? Round his place? I stalled a bit, thinking it might be a bit soon to go to his place. I mean, I'd only met him once. But then he said we could just eat dinner on his balcony and, given the amazing weather, I thought 'why not'? So I told him I could be in his neighbourhood in a couple of hours. No response. I texted again asking if he wanted me to come over. Nothing. Hours later I texted him to say it looked like he didn't want me to come over after all. He said he just felt guilty for forcing me to come to his. I replied and said that maybe we could meet up next weekend. Aaaand nothing from him.

I'm feeling like I'm getting some serious mixed messages. Does he want to see me or not? Ball's in his court now, so I'm just waiting. Well, not just waiting. I'm messaging other guys on the dating site in the meantime. Maybe I'll find someone a bit more straightforward?

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