Thursday, 1 August 2013


Sorry for the lack of recent updates. My interwebs died, and I've only just got them back!

Since my last update, there have been two more dates. Both with the same chap, the one I told you all about in the last post. Progress!

I wasn't sure about him when we first met, but each time I meet up with him I like him a bit more than I did the last time, so I reckon it's definitely worth seeing him some more. The second and third dates both started off the same way, drinks in a pub followed by some food, and lots of chatting about all sorts of things. Then the third date ended up back at his place. Which was rather nice.

So I'm going to see him again, back at his again, for food and computer games. What could possibly be better?

I do feel like I should apologise to the approximately four people who sometimes read this. When I started the blog I thought it'd be a good place for all the stories about the crazies I met. But I haven't met any crazies. So it's a bit dull. Sorry. I'm enjoying myself though!

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